Who is ITE?

Installation Theatrical Engineering (ITE) dedicates itself to working hand in hand with venues, architects, and builders to bring visionary theatrical dreams to life. Our expertise lay in the design, supply, and installation of world-leading equipment for the theatre industry. The realm of theatre technology is ever-changing and often misunderstood, we ensure every piece of equipment is functional and of the highest quality available. Let’s understand Who is ITE?


Safety and reliability are our paramount concerns, knowing that performers and technicians rely on our equipment each and every day. From meticulously engineered rigging systems to flawlessly integrated audio-visual systems, ITE understands that a well-crafted stage, equipped with the finest lighting, sound, projection, and curtain solutions, truly captivates an audience. Our team of experts, including audiovisual specialists, theatre technicians, engineers, and master curtain makers, work tirelessly to provide an all-encompassing service, ensuring that every aspect of a project is seamlessly brought to life.

Our mission for every project is the same – to provide unwavering commitment, expert advice and innovative equipment, in the pursuit of empowering unforgettable performances to captivate audiences and inspiring generations to come. We serve as a reminder that behind every remarkable theatrical production stood an invisible force—the dedication and expertise of Installation Theatrical Engineering.

who is ITE

Absolutely incredible results!! ITE were tasked with the supply and install of steel structures for both the AMPOL Station Display and Volvo Mezzanine for the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show. ITE were given a tough timeline of 4 weeks to get everything designed, prototyped, built and installed on-site. Outstanding work by all our teams to get it done!