Installation Theatrical Engineering (ITE) is an Australian owned theatrical equipment, engineering & supplies company established in 1980. ITE have been manufacturing and installing Audio Visual, Concert Lighting, Theatre Stage Equipment, Theatre Drapes and Stage Machinery throughout Australia and worldwide for more than 40 years. ITE are recognized as one of the early pioneers of the modern theatre equipment industry in Australia since cemented its place as an industry leader. The company’s reputation extends beyond Australia’s shores by providing Theatre Supplies in Melbourne which have seen ITE undertake projects in Hong Kong, U.A.E., New Zealand, China and Singapore.

The Team

The company consists of five subdivisions:


Manufacturing and Installation


Mechanical and Electrical


Manufacturing and Installation


Lighting, Audio Visual Integration & General

Australian Owned


Of these divisions, ITE employs a team of highly qualified and experienced Metal Fabricators, Fitter and Turners, Seamstress’, Engineers, Draftsman, Audio Visual Technicians and Electricians to manufacture and install ITE’s highly regarded theatrical equipment. Among its team of stage machinery experts, ITE boasts a depth of unrivalled experience within the industry.
In addition, ITE works in collaboration with the industry’s most sought after mechanical/electrical engineers, architects, theatre consultants and builders. This ensures that all drawings and designs in the planning and installing stage of a project are accurate, technically sound, meet all specification requirements and ultimately best illustrate the client’s vision.

Mission Statement


ITE is dedicated to its commitment of continuing to be the most capable and reliable supplier and installer of theatre equipment. We have developed the capacity to manufacture, supply, install, integrate, and commission a premium range of theatre equipment including but not limited to Audio Visual Installation, Theatre Stage Equipment, Stage Engineering, Theatre Drapes & Stage Lighting.

Our success is built on commitment to:

  • Exceeding the performance specifications.
  • Provide excellent and reliable equipment.

Our Partners