The world of theatre and stage performances has always captivated audiences with its splendor and creativity. Behind the scenes is a system of technology and equipment that ensures smooth and seamless performances. One such vital element in modern theatre productions is the theatre and stage lift systems. These innovative systems have revolutionized the way performances are conducted, adding an extra layer of dynamism and versatility to the stage. ITE is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom theatre and stage lift solutions for performance venues.

Our awe-inspiring solutions have been employed in performing arts centers, theatres, creative spaces, stage shows, drama spaces, and lecture theatres.
Here, we will delve into the world of our best theatre and stage lift systems, exploring their functionalities, benefits, and the latest innovations shaping the industry.

The Role of Theatre and Stage Lift Systems

Theatre and stage lift solutions are innovative mechanisms that allow for the movement and transformation of stage elements, props, and performers. These systems consist of various types of lifts, each designed to fulfill specific requirements. The primary purpose of these systems is to create dynamic stage configurations, enhance visual effects, and ensure the safety and efficiency of performances. Our stage solutions have become indispensable to modern stage productions by integrating cutting-edge technology and engineering.

Explore Our Theatre and Stage Lift Systems

Stage and Orchestra Lifts

ITE Entertainment lifts are the benchmark in Stage, Orchestra, and General Purpose Lifts. We can engineer these lifts in any shape, weight capacity, and stroke height depending on project requirements. ITE has been working with European Linklift manufacturer SERAPID since 2000 and has installed lifts in every state of Australia. All the components besides the Linklifts are engineered and manufactured by us in Melbourne.

All our stage lift systems are engineered with safety at their core and include overtravel limits in addition to upper and lower limits, dual failsafe braking, slow start and stop, e-stop systems, dead man control, error reporting and troubleshooting, safe edge integration to all shearing edges and interlocked balustrades. Our systems can be controlled in several ways, such as via a simple wall-mounted control station and hand pendant.

Orchestra Pit Lifts

We provide complete lifting systems for all orchestra pits, platforms, and loads. These lifts are easy to integrate into your existing orchestra pits and can operate for the whole life of your venue.

Hoist Control Systems

At ITE, we offer a comprehensive range of motor control and automation solutions for various applications. Our diverse control options are designed for hoists, winches, and chain hoists. Whether you want to control chain-hoisted lighting bars in small drama spaces or require entertainment chain-hoist systems for large performing arts centers, we have you covered. Our control solutions span a range of complexities, providing complete flexibility to suit venues of all sizes and requirements.

From simple and intuitive control systems to sophisticated automation solutions, we cater to the unique needs of each project.

Essentials Hoist Control

The Essentials hoist control is our entry-level control system that operates a range of hoists, including pile wind winches, zero fleet hoists, drum hoists, line shaft hoists and smart chain hoists. This family of control is designed for small theatres and school performance spaces.

Motorised Curtain Control

The Motorised Curtain control is our entry staple control system to operate all our motorised house curtain systems. It is designed for theatre house curtains and any other motorised curtain system. It allows the ability to open and close the curtains intuitively. Control is thoughtfully designed to be simple, safe and user-friendly.

Curtain Control

Chain Hoist Control

The Chain Hoist is our staple control system that operates all kinds of industry-standard chain hoists, including but not limited to Movecat, Mode, Stagemaker, Chainmaster, and CM Lodestar. It is designed for small theatres and state-of-the-art performance spaces and can control hoists independently or together to raise and lower a single load, such as a Lighting Bar.

Theatre and stage lift systems have ushered in a new era of innovation and creativity in the world of performances. These systems offer unparalleled flexibility, enhance visual effects, and ensure the safety and efficiency of stage productions. With advancements in technology, our theatre and stage lift systems continue to evolve, enabling even more awe-inspiring performances in the future. For more details about our products, contact us today.