Regarding stage performances, having the right curtain track system is crucial for creating captivating productions. Several stage curtain track systems in Australia are available, each offering unique features and benefits. This article will explore the top stage curtain track systems Australia available at ITE, providing insights into their functionalities, design, and suitability for various performance venues.

Motorised Curtain Track Systems

Motorised curtain track systems have revolutionised the world of stage productions in Australia. With the ability to control the curtain movements remotely, these systems offer unparalleled convenience and precision. They are ideal for large venues where manual operation could be challenging.

Key Features

Wireless Remote Control: Motorised systems are controlled wirelessly, making it easy for stage managers to adjust curtains from different positions.
Quiet and Smooth Operation: These systems operate quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance during performances.

Installation Process

Installing motorized curtain track systems Australia requires expertise and precision to ensure safe and reliable functioning. Our professional technicians ensure the curtains move effortlessly along the tracks.

Corded Curtain Track Systems

Corded curtain track systems remain a popular choice for many venues in Australia. These systems use cords to manually control the curtains’ movement, providing an economical option without compromising functionality.

Key Features

Affordability: Our corded systems are relatively more affordable than motorised alternatives, making them ideal for budget-conscious venues.
Easy Operation: The manual operation of these systems is straightforward, allowing for easy adjustment of curtain positions.

Installation Process

Installing corded curtain track systems Australia is less complex than motorised ones, but our experts meticulously align the cords for smooth movement.

Curved Curtain Tracks

Curved curtain tracks are perfect for theatres and performance spaces with unique architectural designs or circular stages. These tracks allow stage curtains to follow the curvature of the stage seamlessly, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the performance.

Key Features

Tailored for Curved Stages: Curved curtain track systems are customised to fit the specific curvature of the stage, providing a seamless appearance.
Enhanced Stage Experience: The movement of curtains around curved tracks adds an extra dimension to performances, captivating the audience.

Installation Process

Installing curved curtain track systems requires expertise in accurately measuring the stage’s curvature and ensuring precise alignment of the tracks, and our professional installers do it precisely.


Heavy-Duty Curtain Track Systems

Heavy-duty curtain track systems Australia are indispensable for large and heavy curtains, such as those used in grand theatres or opera houses. These robust systems can support substantial curtain loads without compromising performance.

Key Features

High Load Capacity: Heavy-duty systems are designed to handle the weight of large and thick curtains without sagging or malfunctioning.
Durable and Long-Lasting: These systems are built to withstand rigorous and frequent use, ensuring longevity.

Installation Process

Due to the complexities involved in handling heavy curtains, the installation of heavy-duty curtain track systems is typically performed by our experienced professionals.


A well-designed and reliable curtain track system is essential for any stage production in Australia. The choice of the right system depends on the venue’s requirements, budget, and specific stage design. Motorized systems provide convenience and precision, while corded systems offer a cost-effective solution. Curved systems add a touch of creativity, and heavy-duty systems are the go-to option for large and heavy stage curtains in Melbourne. Investing in a high-quality curtain track system from ITE ensures seamless performance and enhances the overall stage experience.