Her Majesty’s Theatre Redevelopment

ITE had the privilege of working alongside consultants Schuler Shook, architects Cox Architecture and builder Hansen Yuncken to complete a redevelopment of the historical Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide. The project spanned over 2 years and included an array of theatre Fly System elements and Orchestra Lift manufactured and installed by ITE.
A total of 93 500kg Counterweight Lines, each with drift heights of 21m, were installed including complete guide assemblies, lift lines, pulley structures, cradle assemblies, rope lock systems and weights. A full drapes package was also included including teasers, tormentors, a house curtain, borders, leg pairs, traveller drapes, a cyclorama, and an array of scenery battens.

ITE also took the opportunity to create the ITE Multi-Purpose Truss Batten to act as a replacement to the conventional CWS 75x50 batten allowing for additional strength, durability, and flexibility to all installed battens.

Alongside the Counterweight System installation, ITE also manufactured and delivered an motorized Orchestra Lift platform structure with a 7.5KPa floor rating and associated control system and safety integration assemblies and chair rostra’s.