Deakin University, Building U

ITE had the privilege of working alongside architects DS Architects and builder IB Constructions to complete a Motorized Camera Grid System at Deakin University, Building U Sports Science Centre. The project included four camera grid systems of varying layouts and configurations in specific locations within the Sports Science Centre.

Each of the grids are independently flown via bespoke designed ITE Pile Winding Winches in box truss grid configurations. Each grid features integrated cable management systems and a simple intuitive wall mounted control system. Services to the grids included DMX, data and 10A unswitched power and associated data patch and power patch panel. Each grid had a drift height of approximately 9.5m allowing for the safe rigging of the cameras at ground level whilst providing the flexibility to position the grids at any height throughout the drift range. The grid sizes ranged from 5.5m x 3.5m to 9m x 3.8m.

ITE custom designed, manufactured, installed & commissioned the entire system to allow for flexible camera positioning systems to monitor the performance of athletes and the like.

Some of the safety features included: slack wire detection, operational limits, overtravel limits and overload protection.